Instagram Carousel Downloader

With iGram Instagram Carousel Downloader feature, users can share multiple photos and videos at once. Users have the permission to view slides by swiping right or left. This is a creative and engaging way to interact with followers and showcase content. iGram Downloader offers functions to download such carousels, enabling users to download entire Instagram carousels. Yes, iGram Instagram carousel downloader also works for this purpose.

iGram Instagram Carousel or album Downloader

How to Download Carousel Posts?

Downloading Instagram carousels through iGram is very easy. You can download carousels quickly and easily by following just 3 simple steps.

Copy the URL:

Open the Instagram website in your device’s browser or use the Instagram app to copy the link of the carousel.

Paste the Link:

Open the iGram tool website in a new tab of your browser and paste the copied link into the form.


Click on the “Download” button, and a new download button will appear alongside it. Click on the newly appeared download button, and the entire carousel will be downloaded to your device.

iGram Carousel Downloader

Now you can download both photos and videos shared on Instagram as a carousel. You can download unlimited carousels and album photos, videos with the iGram Carousels downloader tool.

Instagram Album Downloader:

In a carousel, multiple photos are shared within a single post, forming an album-like structure. With the iGram tool, you can easily download Instagram albums.

instagram image downloader:

Through the iGram instagram image downloader tool, you can download unlimited Instagram photos, whether they are shared in a single post or in an album.

Instagram  Video Downloader:

iGram is a video download tool designed to easily and quickly download any video from Instagram, whether it’s an IGTV video, a story video, or a reel video. Its simple to use and free tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instagram carousel?

Instagram carousel is a feature that allows users to share multiple photos and videos in a single post. Viewers can swipe through the content horizontally.

Does iGram Downloader work for both photos and videos in carousels?

Yes, iGram Downloader supports downloading both photos and videos shared within Instagram carousels.

Can I download entire Instagram albums with iGram?

Absolutely! iGram allows you to easily download albums, which are collections of multiple photos shared within a single post on Instagram.

Is iGram carousels  Downloader safe to use?

Yes, iGram Downloader is safe to use. It does not require any personal information or access to your Instagram account, ensuring your privacy and security.

Are there any restrictions on the use of downloaded content?

While you can download Instagram content for personal use, please respect copyright laws and the original creator’s rights when sharing or using downloaded content publicly.

Why would I want to download Instagram carousels?

Downloading Instagram carousels enables you to save and view Instagram content offline, share it with others, or reference it later.