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iGram is an Instagram downloader tool that allows you to download videos and photos from any Instagram profile. In addition to this, it also enables you to download the stories and reels shared by that profile. Furthermore, our tool assists you in downloading Instagram’s IGTV videos, carousels, and albums. iGram is a well-known name in the video downloader tool category. This is because it is a free tool that doesn’t require any extensions or software installations. With just one click, you can swiftly download Instagram content to your mobile or any other device.

iGram Instagram Downloader

How to Download Instagram photo, Reel, IGTV, or carousel post?

Copy the Link:

If you are using iGram, to download videos, photos, Reels, IGTV, or carousel posts from Instagram, the first step is to copy the URL of the content, which you can easily obtain from Instagram’s website or app. Open Instagram, select the video, photo, Reel, IGTV, or carousel post of your choice, and copy the link.

Open iGram Downloader Tool:

After copying the link of your preferred content from Instagram, open the i Gram website. In the top menu, select the option corresponding to your preference. For instance, if you want to download a video, click on iGram Video Download in the menu. Paste your link in the download form.


After pasting the link, press the Download button. A new page will open where your content will be displayed. Here, select the format for your content, such as HD, MP4, or MP3, and press the download button. Your content will be saved to your device.

If you are facing any issues downloading content using iGram on your mobile or PC, or if you want to learn the downloading method, you can obtain complete details from the “How to download” page.

iGram Instagram Downloader Features

iGram Instagram Downloader Features

iGram stands as a beacon in the realm of Instagram content downloaders, offering a seamless and efficient solution for users seeking to save and enjoy their favorite Instagram content offline. In a crowded market of download tools, iGram distinguishes itself through its user-friendly interface, versatility, and commitment to user privacy.

Instagram Videos Downloader

Now, you can effortlessly download videos from any profile, whether the user is inactive on Instagram or doesn’t have a public profile. This hassle-free process allows you to download videos using just the video URL, making it all possible thanks to the iGram tool. Whether you’re an avid Instagram user or someone new to the platform, Our tool ensures a smooth and trouble-free video downloading experience. Explore the world of Instagram content at your fingertips with iGram Download.

iGram Download Video Instagram
iGram Instagram Photos Downloader

Instagram Photos Downloader

Now, with our tool, you can easily download photos, whether they have been publicly shared by an Instagram user or set as their profile picture (DP). This user-friendly feature ensures a seamless photo downloading experience, allowing you to collect and save your favorite images effortlessly.

Instagram Profile Picture DP Downloader

Many people want to download someone’s profile picture from Instagram, and iGram tool provides a simple solution. If you come across a fantastic profile photo and want to keep it on your device, iGram DP Downloader is the perfect choice. It’s completely free and straightforward to use. Downloading Instagram DPs has never been easier!

iGram Instagram Profile Picture DP Downloader
iGram IGTV Video Downloader

IGTV Video Downloader

Instagram TV, commonly known as IGTV, is a platform created by Instagram for creators to share long videos. Without any delay, iGram’s IGTV video downloader allows you to effortlessly watch and download all these long videos. Enjoy the content at your own pace, thanks to the convenience provided by iGram. Your entertainment, your way!

Instagram Reel Downloader

As downloading reels from Instagram is legal, you can also utilize iGram as your Instagram Reel downloader. Now, every user can employ the iGram tool for downloading reels seamlessly from Instagram, making it a versatile solution for accessing and enjoying your favorite content effortlessly.

iGram Instagram Reels Download
iGram instagram Carousel and Album Downloader

Instagram Carousel and Album Downloader

In Instagram’s new feature, you can share multiple photos or perspectives in a single post, referred to as an ‘album’ or ‘carousel.’ This way, you can display multiple images together through a single post. iGram Carousel Download also facilitates the download of ‘album’ or ‘carousel,’ making it very easy to use.

Instagram Story Downloader

As Instagram currently lacks the option to download videos, there’s no need to worry anymore. Thanks to the iGram story downloader tool, you can now easily download Instagram Stories. You have the flexibility to either feature them as part of your account’s story highlights or store them for offline enjoyment on your mobile or PC. iGram opens up new possibilities for preserving and sharing your favorite Instagram Stories hassle-free.

iGram Instagram Stories Download

Why to use iGram for Dowloading Content from Instagram?

In today’s era, the use of social media is rapidly increasing. While there are many social media platforms in the world of the internet, Instagram holds a distinct position. Instagram is a significant social media platform of today’s era. Many people use Instagram for their social sharing. Some upload their videos on Instagram, some share their stories, and others post their photos. In Instagram, some people share their memorable photos, videos, or reels, while others share their current situations.
Observing the use of social media on Instagram, many individuals find interesting videos, photos, reels, or stories that they want to download and share. Some also save them on their mobile devices for leisure during free time. Due to the absence of a download option in the Instagram app or website, many people resort to using video downloaders. While numerous downloaders are available in the online market, one of the best options is iGram, which plays the role of a free Instagram downloader for your convenience. The tool is not only free to use but also devoid of any registration requirements or hidden charges. iGram stands out for its convenience, ease of use, device compatibility, and commitment to user privacy. Elevate your Instagram content-saving skills with iGram, a reliable and user-friendly downloader designed to meet your diverse downloading needs.

i Gram Free Premium Features:

i Gram has been developed specifically for downloading content from Instagram, making it one of the best tools in the online market due to its unique features.

Original Quality:

With i Gram, you can download videos, photos, reels, and stories from Instagram in their original quality. Additionally, iGram provides users with the free permission to download content in different formats, adding to its versatile functionality.

User Friendly:

Using iGram is a breeze. It’s designed to be user-friendly, with a straightforward interface that makes it accessible to everyone. Whether you’re tech-savvy or not, our downloader tool is as simple as ABC, requiring no technical expertise. Anyone can effortlessly download content from Instagram without any hassle.

Device Compatibility:

This tool can be used on any device, whether you are a mobile user, an iPhone or iOS user, or someone who wants to download Instagram content on their laptop. It is a useful tool for everyone because it can be used in the browsers of every device, such as Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, or Opera.

No Registration Needed:

With iGram, there’s no need for registration. Save yourself from the hassle of lengthy forms or login details; iGram provides a direct and simple download solution.

No External App Required:

iGram operates solely through web browsers. Say goodbye to the need for third-party app installations, ensuring a secure and convenient downloading experience. Stay tuned for the upcoming iGram app for an even more seamless experience!

Free Access:

iGram is a free Instagram Downloader tool to use. Enjoy its complete functionality without worrying about subscription fees or hidden charges. iGram is designed to be accessible and cost-effective for everyone.

User Safety for using i Gram

Using any tool to download content requires ensuring safety and certainty for the downloader. As i Gram serves as an Instagram video downloader tool, its usage is limited to retrieving publicly shared content from Instagram and saving it on mobiles, laptops, or other devices. It is perfectly safe and legal for utilization because we have developed this tool with a focus on maintaining the privacy of our customers. Your trust is of utmost importance to us. Our tool respects copyright and intellectual property rights.

Moreover, i Gram guarantees that private content stays secure, safeguarding the privacy and rights of content creators. It strictly adheres to the guidelines set by Instagram, creating a safe space for downloading and sharing videos and photos. What sets iGram apart is its commitment to user privacy; it operates independently without the need for any login or access to your personal Instagram account. This extra layer of protection ensures that your privacy and data remain intact while using the platform.

  1. Privacy Assurance:
    • WE ensures the utmost privacy by restricting access to private content, safeguarding content creators’ rights.
  2. Compliance with Instagram Policies:
    • Our commitment to strict adherence to Instagram’s policies distinguishes our platform as a reliable and secure solution for downloading videos and photos.
  3. Secure Environment for Content Sharing:
    • We, as a platform, establish a secure environment for users, allowing them to download and share content with confidence while adhering to Instagram’s guidelines.
  4. User-Centric Privacy Measures:
    • Committed to prioritizing user privacy, our tool operates independently under the unique identity of iGram. It ensures a secure experience without requiring any login or access to personal Instagram accounts.
  5. Enhanced Data Protection:
    • Furthermore, iGram goes above and beyond in safeguarding user data, completely eliminating the requirement for any personal account login during usage.
  6. Exclusive Features for Content Creators:
    • Additionally, iGram provides specialized features that prioritize the privacy and rights of content creators, creating a secure and respectful platform for users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is an iGram Downloader?

iGram is a unique tool that grants you permission to download videos, photos, Reels, IGTV, or carousel content from Instagram. All you need is the URL of the Instagram content you wish to download.

How to Download Content from Instagram using iGram Tool?

Downloading content from Instagram is made easy with the iGram tool. This tool is very simple to use, involving just three straight forward steps:

  • Go to Instagram and select the content you want to download. Copy the URL of that content.
  • Go to iGram Instagram Downloader Tool Website. Locate the download section and Paste the copied URL into the provided space.
  • Choose the desired format for your download. Click on the download button.

Now you can enjoy your favorite content in the format you prefer.

Is Downloading Content from Instagram Legal?

Using the iGram tool, you can easily download content from Instagram, and this process is legal. However, reposting the downloaded content may be against copyright laws. iGram places significant importance on copyright, and therefore, our tool is intended for personal use only.

Can I Download Private Photos & Videos from Any User?

No, iGram prioritizes copyright laws, and therefore, the our tool does not grant permission to download private videos. You can only download publicly shared content using our tool.

Which devices and browsers are compatible with the user-friendly iGram tool for downloading content from Instagram?

iGram is a user-friendly tool designed for convenience. It is a web-based tool that can be used on various devices, including mobile phones, iPhones, and laptops. You can access our tool through popular browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge on your preferred device.

Are there alternative methods for downloading videos from Instagram, aside from iGram?

Yes, there are several tools available in the online market that facilitate Instagram video downloads. Some of these tools may charge fees for downloading content, while others permit low-quality content downloads. iGram stands out as a unique tool that provides free services, allowing users to download content in its original quality.

Is there any limit to download Instagram videos using iGram?

No, there are no limitations when using iGram to download Instagram videos. You can copy and paste as many links as you’d like without any worry. iGram provides a free and unrestricted service, allowing users to download videos without any restrictions or limitations.

iGram emerges as a reliable, user-friendly, and secure solution for downloading Instagram content. Its versatility, commitment to user privacy, and adherence to legal guidelines make it a standout tool in the online market. Elevate your Instagram content-saving experience with iGram, the go-to downloader for users of all levels of expertise.